Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the U.S. - a sad day usually but a bit more difficult as Jim was traveling. Just one of those days when I will feel a little sorry for myself, spending the holidays alone, missing my parents and siblings. That kind of pain never really goes away.

Took a nice walk through Clark Park and Wendy’s Secret Garden and through into McMahon’s Point then north up to North Sydney CBD. Gotta love the hills here. If you have never been, you can’t imagine how challenging it is to get around. We both love it though. It’s a free workout walking up to the grocery store and back! 

A good amount of exercise definitely quiets the mind. Looking forward to the week ahead.

Saturday Morning in North Sydney

There are so many beautiful suburbs to live in Sydney and we really lucked out when we found this place in Lavender Bay. We’re on the lower north shore so we try to patronize the businesses in North Sydney, particularly the Sat. AM farmer’s market. What’s especially nice about this wonderful mild climate is that these markets are available year round. So many great vendors, not just fresh fruits and veggies but also artists booths and vintage shops. I found a “Country Road” cotton/rayon sweater (jumper) for $15, easily $50-75 brand new. Also picked up a bottle of local olive oil and some nice, crusty rosemary artisan bread. We also found a fabulous vintage furniture vendor who could turn any piece of junk into a work of art. Can’t recall her name at the moment though. :-/ I wanted so much to buy a vanity and matching upholstered chair for $250 but considering we’re still buying “essentials”, I sadly had to pass it up. :-(

Later on we stopped for a pizza and a beer were shocked to see kangaroo on the menu! :-( But, seeing they are similar to deer in America, and we eat venison there, it’s really not that shocking after all. Personally, I can’t eat it but I don’t judge others who do! I will say though that pizzas are a bit different here in general. Australians love beetroot on everything, from pizzas to burgers.

Aussie Phrase of the Day: “Crack A Coldie” - open a beer

New Friends, more utility entertainment and a Walk over the Sydney Harbor Bridge

TPG was supposed to come back today. As of end of day yesterday, we had not heard back, when exactly, a TPG technician would come back to install our internet connection. Jim receives a text at 5PM last night, the tech is to arrive between 12 and 4, please respond within one hour or reschedule! WTH is wrong with these people?!

9:15AM - someone is buzzing my apartment. It’s Energy Australia, to read my meter. I did not ask anything else. So done with them.

Last night Jim mentioned that he befriended a colleague, Craig, also an American. Since he and his wife have been here about three weeks longer than us, they are a few steps ahead of us in the “settling-in” process. They also have phone and internet w/ TPG. Once his phone was set up TPG confirmed the account with
“Dale.” What happens next sounds like something out of a Monty Python skit.
Craig: But my name is Craig.
TPG: No, we have Dale, yadda, yadda
Craig: But that is not me
Just to be sure, Craig called the phone # and sure enough, someone else (not his wife) answered the phone.
Craig: Who is this?
Stranger: This is Dale yadda, yadda
Craig: This is supposed to be my phone #
Stranger: Well this is my phone #!

Back to my own internet woes…
I continue to wait for “Michael” from TPG, who called at 12Noon to say he was on his way. It’s now 1:30 so I called him to be sure
he was still on his way.
Michael: I was already there but no one answered the doorbell.
Me: I have not left, no one rang my bell (angry voice)
Michael: I rang door #4 but no one answered.
Me: We are in unit #6, why did you ring unit 4?! (grrrr)

After all that, Michael determined that he was unable to connect me to the internet because the wiring required a special adapter that
I needed to buy.

Time to get out of this apartment and walk off my frustration. Walked over the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge for the first time.

But first, a little more excitement in my building before I leave for my walk. Someone’s alarm went off in my building. My first visit w/ the fire dept!

Fire trucks parked in front of our building.

Fireman examining the fire panel in the lobby.

What an amazing sight! It’s so difficult to describe it’s imposing size. It seems no matter where you are in the city, there is always at least a glimpse of it in your view. I met Jim after work in the CBD to go out for dinner. We found a happening spot called the The Office hotel and unlike your typical work office, we enjoyed a fine atmosphere of good food, spirits and music.

Today’s word - BUGGERED: ruined, broken, tired

Joggers can be seen running over the bridge on a regular basis.


View from the bridge you can see this incredible vista of the harbor, opera house, botanic gardens, CBD, Circular Quay

Looking in the other direction, north, is Kirribilli, considered one of the toniest suburbs in Sydney

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