Second-hand Finds

Today we walked over to McMahon’s Point and took a walk around the neighborhood, then had lunch at Olivo’s on Blues Point Rd., just one of many sidewalk cafes around Sydney that serve delicious food.

From there, we came upon a flyer posted on the community bulletin board for a pet-sitting opportunity. Might be worth looking into. On the way back home we saw a Moving Sale sign, lots of those around here with so many people moving in and moving out. Bargains to be had all the time. Vida was selling a chest of drawers and two bedside cabinets - $150, delivery included, in excellent condition. Picked up a whole bunch of free stuff too!

Aussie Word of the Day:  Bicky(ies) = money or a cookie(s)

Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the U.S. - a sad day usually but a bit more difficult as Jim was traveling. Just one of those days when I will feel a little sorry for myself, spending the holidays alone, missing my parents and siblings. That kind of pain never really goes away.

Took a nice walk through Clark Park and Wendy’s Secret Garden and through into McMahon’s Point then north up to North Sydney CBD. Gotta love the hills here. If you have never been, you can’t imagine how challenging it is to get around. We both love it though. It’s a free workout walking up to the grocery store and back! 

A good amount of exercise definitely quiets the mind. Looking forward to the week ahead.

Saturday Morning in North Sydney

There are so many beautiful suburbs to live in Sydney and we really lucked out when we found this place in Lavender Bay. We’re on the lower north shore so we try to patronize the businesses in North Sydney, particularly the Sat. AM farmer’s market. What’s especially nice about this wonderful mild climate is that these markets are available year round. So many great vendors, not just fresh fruits and veggies but also artists booths and vintage shops. I found a “Country Road” cotton/rayon sweater (jumper) for $15, easily $50-75 brand new. Also picked up a bottle of local olive oil and some nice, crusty rosemary artisan bread. We also found a fabulous vintage furniture vendor who could turn any piece of junk into a work of art. Can’t recall her name at the moment though. :-/ I wanted so much to buy a vanity and matching upholstered chair for $250 but considering we’re still buying “essentials”, I sadly had to pass it up. :-(

Later on we stopped for a pizza and a beer were shocked to see kangaroo on the menu! :-( But, seeing they are similar to deer in America, and we eat venison there, it’s really not that shocking after all. Personally, I can’t eat it but I don’t judge others who do! I will say though that pizzas are a bit different here in general. Australians love beetroot on everything, from pizzas to burgers.

Aussie Phrase of the Day: “Crack A Coldie” - open a beer

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