Sydney Vivid!

We are so lucky to be living here during this annual event in May and June as Fall turns into winter this time of year. Vivid Sydney,   an 18-day festival of light, music, and ideas that takes place from 22 May to 8 June. It’s the largest of its kind in Australia and in the Southern Hemisphere filled with outdoor lighting sculptures and installations as well as coordinating music. The event attracts over a million visitors every year. Enjoy these photos and video to experience this amazing event!

A Stroll Through Wendy’s Secret Garden

As mentioned in previous posts, we live just steps away from this gem of a garden, an oasis in the city. I plan to take many photos of this wonderful little spot. Enjoy!

My neighbor's beautiful cat

Our neighbor’s cat


A species of honeyeater enjoys the nectar from the native Grevillea flower

Giant Angel’s trumpet flower just opening

A Noisy Miner, a  common Australian honeyeater

Australian Tree Fern

The aptly named, bottle brush tree

Rainbow lorikeet sits atop a very tall unknown flower stalk. This rather unusual bloom must be easily 8-9 ft tall!

Aussie Phrase for the Day: “ANZAC DAY” - commemorates the Anzac landing at Gallipoli

Exploring Ball’s Head

Walking through Ball’s Head Reserve today we met a lovely couple. They were watching the rainbow lorikeets sipping the nectar from the banksia flowers or more commonly know as bottle brush trees. So many friends back home have asked about the size of the giant spiders here so we brought along a tape measure in case we came across any… lol 

The couple mentioned that the birds eat the spiders - can you imagine? Yuk!

Here’s a link to view more of the park and it’s history. We are so lucky to live just down the street, walking-distance to this gem of a park.

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