Someone at my door…

Quiet night at home just watching a little TV. British crime mysteries are huge here, as well as many American TV shows. It was around 9Pm when my doorbell rang, and kept ringing. Not knowing a soul here, I was a bit startled and really reluctant to answer. But after a few rings, I finally relented and answered through the intercom. As it turns out, it was another resident in the building, Vera, in unit one. I ran into her one day and she mentioned that she was preparing to move to NY and was looking to sell some of her stuff. Great timing for me! I ended up buying a variety of kitchen stuff, including dinnerware, wine glasses, two large covered wicker baskets, square, the size of an ottoman, great for storage or use as a casual table. Plus a ladder which is essential when you have to store everything above your wardrobe (closet.) All for $90! Not bad.

Another wedding in Wendy’s secret garden…

Brooklyn accent

Shopping today and this trip took me up to Artarmon, by train, of course to buy household goods at Bunnings. “Bunnings” is alot like our Home Depot or Lowe’s but a slightly smaller scale. I met a nice young chap, Henry, who was intrigued by my accent. He was eager to tell me that he is in a school play and his part requires him to speak with a Brooklyn, NY accent which he was having difficulty mastering. I tried giving him some tips and wished him to “break a leg.” He was also very curious and fascinated by our American money, particularly that our dollar bills are paper! So funny, since we were surprised that Australians have not only $1 coins but also $2 coins, now isn’t THAT strange? Really weighs the wallet down… Notice that the Queen is on the back of every denomination. The paper money is also very colorful and interesting, until next time!

Hepburn Court

Where our apartment lacks some modern conveniences, it more than makes up for in character. A beautiful art deco style building with easily 12 foot high ceilings, original mouldings and plaster walls. Our apartment is large for Sydney standards and the building is relatively quiet. The landscaping in front resembles a lush rain forest and probably shades the building well during the summer months but in winter makes for a cold and dark apartment. Australians call the woods or forest, the bush, so that is what I will refer to it too. The bush provides shelter and a food source for the birds and urban wildlife, being on the second floor, you can sometimes have a nice view of the birds in the trees.

Front Steps

Front of our building

Front of building

Front walkway to sidewalk

Front of building

Apartment building lobby

Lobby stained glass window

Front garden

front garden and building

This stunning plant/flower is in the front of our building, does anyone know what it is? It reminds me of a peace plant on steroids!

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