The Utilities Saga Continues….

Well I waited - AGAIN - all day today for Jemena to arrive between 8-6PM to read the gas meter. The original date was last Friday, 10 April - a no show then. Called Energy Australia & Jemena - where are you?! My appt was changed to Monday 13 April but no thought to call the customer - me. Not sure if my U.S. followers can follow this since it’s confusing and frustrating beyond belief.

Back to today, Monday, I learned the retailer did not arrange for the appt with them. They simply suggested I just take a pic of the meter and email it to them. If only they suggested that in the first place. lol Screwy system indeed.

Well off to the shops and a walk around the neighborhood.

Aldi’s North Sydney, Note that fresh eggs are stored at room temp here as opposed to refrigerated in the U.S.

Just next to our busy street and sidewalk is a brick wall that borders our apartment building. This is where we pick up our daily mail. Next to it is this ever-growing pile of dead palm leaves. As they die and fall off the trees, they are much heavier than you would think as they crash onto the side walk and front garden. So the clean-up crew neatly places them here until they are overflowing. Before long they seem to take over the property but eventually they do get removed.

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