Touring the City

Nice tour of the city today, checking out apartments. An “open house” is called an “inspection.” They are scheduled on specific days and times and only give you 15 min to view an apartment. Not quite as client-oriented here as agents are in the U.S. :-/  We checked out two flats in Woolloomooloo but never bothered going inside, neighborhood was kind of seedy. Pretty disappointing since we heard it was such a nice section of the city.

We had a nice lunch at the Lavender Bay cafe, not even a five minute walk from an apartment we looked at today in Lavender Bay on the lower north shore. Super nice section of the city. We would LOVE to live here but w/ all the competition and having pets, we are up against, we will not be surprised if we don’t get it. But we came prepared w/ a “pet resume” and as older, working professionals, we are cautiously optimistic.

A two-bedroom apartment is important as we want to be sure we have enough space for the multitude of guests we’re expecting to visit. Also, living in or near a green/wooded area is essential as we love nature and bird-watching. The magpie song is quintessential Australia and really beautiful. Take a listen here: (Sound credit to and here:

The ravens are truly other-worldly.  Jim compares their song to a cross between ET and an unhappy toddler. Must listen and view here:


Pretty cool, we heard back from the Lavender St. agent in less than two hours and we got the apartment – woot, woot!!  We move in on the 20th and now face the challenge of furnishing our new place in a week!

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