Rainy Days and Sundays…

A quiet day, Jim was working from home and I, editing photographs. We learned of some very sad news back home. A good friends of ours, Tom Jakubiec, passed away of cancer at only 59 yrs old. Devastating loss and even sadder that we could not be there for his family. Sending our condolences through an on-line memorial page and donated to a fund for his surviving son.

In spite of the locals complaining of drought here in Australia and the risk of fires in the bushlands, I find it to be very rainy here in Sydney. I walked in between the raindrops into North Sydney CBD to do some food shopping at Aldi’s. I found these really cozy flannel pj’s for $7.99 - unheard of prices in a very expensive city! As I waited in a downpour at the crosswalk, waiting for the walk light to turn green, a very kind stranger walked up to me and offered her umbrella. She had a foreign accent, not Australian, more like southern or eastern European accent. She could not speak much English but kindness knows no particular language.

I returned home drenched but in one piece. What else to do on a rainy day? Back to more photography and editing time….

Attached is a very popular brand of Aussie soft drink that Jim & I really enjoyed. Also attached are a few pix taken recently around our gorgeous neighborhood.

The “Blue hour” settles over the amazing Sydney skyline.

Our neighbor’s painfully shy but beautiful long-haired cat.

Here we are posing across the street from our apartment in Clark park. Yes, this really is our front yard view. Down below is Wendy’s Secret garden. The Sydney CBD and Harbour bridge in the distance.

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