Cats of Bulwara Street

I found a flyer posted to a telephone pole that the cats of Bulwara St. would be moving to the U.S. I thought that was pretty cool that these kind people adopted these strays and have documented their journey from Australia to their new life in Nevada. Check it out:

Pyrmont Square is so quaint, lots of places to sit & people-watch, sip coffee, socialize or write. It has a very European feel to it w/ lots of stone and lovely window boxes, a Great War monument in the center. Sitting here now writing an entry for the blog. I found a veterinarian nearby and stopped in. Very similar product line to ours, carrying all the Hills Rx diet foods. They also sell OTC DNA kits which is something I had not seen before at home.

New Word Alert:

Arugula = rocket, seen everywhere in grocery stores and restaurant menus

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