Getting to know the neighborhood

March 20, 2015  •  2 Comments

Lots of cool stuff to tell about this fabulous city but one thing we noticed were fireworks every Friday and Saturday night. We don't always see them but we hear them often, sometimes even on weeknights. They usually have them in Darling Harbor but sometimes you can see them from Lavender Bay. And more recently someone told us that the cruise ships will light off fireworks too when they come into dock for the night so that makes sense as to why we hear them so often. Pretty exciting!

It was so nice to be in our own place now but after the moving day from hell, poor, exhausted Jim had to leave the next morning for Tokyo! :-( So here I am in this cavernous apartment w/ minimal living essentials and worst of all, NO internet. I walked up to the corner convenience store to use their computer to set up DSLR2+ broadband internet service but it will take as long as 10-20 business days. From there I stopped by Lavender bay cafe for a cappuccino. A lovely view of Clark park, Wendy's secret garden and the serene waters of the bay.



Clark park and wendy's garden below, are wildly popular locations for weddings. Since March is late summer/early fall, it's wedding season weather. Beautiful location and we feel so lucky to live right across the street from all of it. This is the view from our apartment. The mature trees are nice but seriously block the view. I imagine come summer we'll be happy for the cooling shade they'll provide!


Back to reality and the flat to clean and unpack, till next time!




Robin Buckley of Riverstone Images
Thanks for writing, DIane, great to hear from you! We would love if you guys could visit while we are here and insist you stay w/ us a few nights. We are on Lavender Bay on the lower north shore of Sydney. Feel free to chime in w/ your own experiences compared to ours. I have many more entries I am working on so stay tuned... Looking forward to staying in touch!
Diane DeNardis(non-registered)
Rich and I are so happy for you both and wish we were back there. One day we want to fulfill our dream to return. Where exactly are you?
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